I suppose we are all just creatures of habit. As spontaneous and adventurous as I claim to be, dammit, if I find something I like, why the hell wouldn’t I enjoy the heck out of it? Back in the day, the crazy days, HP and I used to go to the same five Austin bars every night. We called it the “circuit”. I’m not really sure why we did that, because those bars actually sucked…

Well its only been 4 days, but I am beginning to notice a pattern here in Playa.

  • Walk the beach.
  • Work, write, watch the news, surf the interwebs.
  • Walk 5th street in search of trinkets/swimsuit/paper towels.
  • Wind up at the bar with swings. Laugh at the rat they made out of a napkin and lime to scare tourists.
  • Claim starvation and head to the monkey cave for guacamole. Chat with Molinda (just call her Joyce if you can’t pronounce Molinda)

Now, plowing through some urgent work items while listening to Lionel Richie. How did I get here?

Daily Swing

Cuevo del Chango, aka The Monkey Cave, aka Playa HQ

Found out today that they are wired, so I imagine the cave will serve as my office for the next few days.

The weather has been absolutely perfect. Not a cloud each day and mostly bearable heat. Checked the weather for the shift change later this week. Mom leaves, I get a few days on my own to detox/decompress, then the Colorado crew shows up. Its supposed to thunderstorm every day that they are here. In Mexico, there are two things to do if its raining, drink or booze. Should be interesting…