After we said our sad goodbyes to Michelle, Mom and I set off to do a whole lot of nothing. It was a perfect day. I got some work done. Mom logged some serious pool time. We walked all of 10 feet to the wonderful Italian joint across the street. Had some seafood pasta and some vino blanco. The owner then gave us each a shot glass of Lemoncello for desert. Now, I’m not sure if the Lemoncello is different down in these parts, but it knocked us both out for several hours… and I drink. a lot. Is it customary in Mexico to ruphie yourself for your siesta each day? We woke up in time to catch the final episode of Amazing Race (mom’s favorite), mourned for a bit the fact that the friendly cowboys did not win, then capped the night off with a brownie and a mocha at the chocolate shop. A mother’s day to remember (except for that 3 hour blackout).

pre (unintentional) siesta

I did go into a state of panic for a moment yesterday when I realized the folks at the Monkey Cave would wonder wear I was. Luckily I found out they are closed on Sunday so no harm done.