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On February 12th, Mean Rachel wrote a retaliation to the recent findings that Austin is amongst the least stressful of 50 major cities in the US. She makes some very good (and funny!) points about Austin stressors and I find myself driven to back her up.

First of all, I would like to single out the people who actually had time to respond to this “poll” of the Austin metro area. Certainly it was not the huge base of young professionals in this city schlepping themselves and their laptops to their various places of work every day, putting in 14 hour days, then scrambling around town to take care of life matters (or to down a martini or two) in order to go back to bed and do it all over again in the morning. The poll results are “based on telephone interviews with 1,027 national adults.” Not 1,027 Austinites. 1,027 adults nationwide – all who actually still have a home phone and were there to answer it when the pollers came calling. My guess is the three people from Austin that actually participated were my friend’s 75 year old mother who spends her evenings at Threadgills and days sipping lemonade on the front porch or they were amongst the mojito draining, botox injecting Dallas infiltration waiting for their nails to dry so they can put on their sparkly shirts they wear as dresses and get in line for Qua.

The fact of the matter is… If you are anywhere between the ages of 23 and 40 (the largest population group in Austin), life is fucking rough. Whether it’s the increasing pressure of squeezing out every last ounce of productivity our bodies can produce for the corporate powers that be, scraping up the money to live downtown while money bags moves into the latest high rise next door, or the disappointment that comes with being chronically single while living in “the country’s best city for singles,” things aren’t always easy in the “Texas oasis” that is Austin.

We are just lucky to live in a city that is so freaking cool that most of us recognize we could be a bunch of stressed out shells of beings living in some worn down city with nothing to do but braid each others’ hair while texting in our votes to American Idol or going postal at the local mall rather than stressed out people of substance decompressing on the lake, on a patio in the sun or at one of the other thousands of local destinations Austin is proud to claim as ours.


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