One perk of running my own business that has really upped the quality of my life is that my company (me) encourages IM chats with friends during business hours. It allows for mini-mind breaks and crowd-sourcing ideas. For me, I get mini-doses of hilarity through my daily gChats with HP, usually including confessions about our occasional toe dips into psycho-land and the latest encounters with the opposite gender. We also take that opportunity to vent about everything that we know would likely cause anyone else on this earth to pass judgment. We have a mutual understanding.

Does this make me less productive? No less so than if I had office mates yapping in my ear all day and cornering me in the break room.

This weekend I’ll be joining HP in Chicago for our annual Happy Lolladays weekend. This year’s Lollapalooza line-up promises to be right up our alley. Lots of dancin. Luckily, we have the hookup on the VIP Lounge which means free Titos Vodka and twice daily “feedings” to fuel 12 hours a day of non-stop booty shaking (not to mention air-conditioned bathrooms!). We always manage to make a few new friends, and frequently run into friends of years past. This is the first year that one of us actually lives in Chicago… and only blocks from Grant Park. Score.

I’ve actually been asked to guest blog for “What are you drinking?“, a blog about great experiences in life and the various libations that accompany some of those outings. I’ll be chatting with event attendees about what is in their cup as they soak in the sun and music. My guess is that who is on stage at the time will dictate who is in the crowd and what they are sipping on…

The best thing about Lollapalooza is that it will actually be my light at the end of the dark tunnel which is Shark Week. Shark Week is dumb. What is all the fuss about? What I do like about it is that instead of finding myself glued to the TV watching reenactments of shark attacks, I am having a super productive week GSD…Getting Shit Done. Which will culminate in 3 days of non-stop live music. Am I being insensitive to the people who have survived shark attacks that want to tell their stories? Maybe so, and I am a little bit sorry, but I still think its dumb.