HP sent me the link to this Lemondrop article yesterday and I about fell out of my chair. Why? Because, 1. This bloke is a phenomenal and hilarious writer (part of his problem, actually) and 2.  Finally someone is calling out this disorder many of us suffer from and his description of it is spot on. “IRL Syndrome — When You’re Better on Paper Than in Person” is not about resumes that exaggerate people as corporate superheros, as the title might suggest. It is about people like me who have mastered the art of flirting through the written word, but completely fall apart when expected to display the same behavior in person. I can convey my wit, charm and seduction perfectly in 140 characters or through an email that leaves its recipient checking his inbox every 3 minutes in anticipation of the next perfectly worded masterpiece. When forced to charm the pants off someone face to face, I clam up, my lip gloss covered straw gets caught in my hair, I stick my head into ceiling fans… I’m a hot mess that leaves my potential suitor racking his brain for excuses to run for the hills. I’ve tried to convert my written fabulousness into real-life behavior, but my clumsiness and inability to find the right words around people of the opposite sex that I’m attracted to seems to just be hardwired. I’ve now resigned to finding someone of equal awkwardness… or someone that thinks my own inelegance is cute.

Speaking of cute, today is the trip over to debauchery island, AKA Put-n-Bay. This yearly trip typically results in two drunk Cadmus sisters in ridiculous hats thinking we are giant bags of cuteness. This year should be extra special since we now have to make-up for the disappointment of the Tom Petty cancellation… and we are celebrating Michelle’s birthday. Gotta go find some twinkly lights to wrap around the boat!