UPDATE: Tom Petty just canceled on us. Glad we hadn’t begun the drive to Cleveland yet. We’re going to find some other trouble to get into. Maybe drive to Sandusky to see the latest Twilight movie. Close second to the show…

Tonight Michelle and I will roll into Cleveland for the Drive by Truckers and Tom Petty. It’s been quite a long time since the Cadmus sisters caught a show. We may not be the finest of dancers, but when we have each other, we just don’t care.

This will be the seventh time I’ve seen Mr. Petty and his Heartbreakers. Never a bad show. I’ve seen Dylan, and Willie and other classic songwriters whose (while I will always have the utmost respect) live shows have unfortunately soured with age. Petty knows what the crowd wants, and he delivers. Every time I have coerced someone who is “meh” about him to go, they have left the show in disbelief that they liked so many of his songs. Never fails. Tonight though, I will not have to coerce anyone.

Back in college I rented a bus to take us from Lawrence to Kansas City to catch the Tom Petty. That time around I had to coerce a whole bus load of people. This may not have been the smartest approach, as I was so lit by the time the bus pulled into Sandstone amphitheater that I barely remember what took place, but I do remember a bus load of people thanking me at the end of the evening.

I also remember the one year I missed Tom Petty at Red Rocks in Denver. I was moving back to Colorado from a short stint in Kansas on that exact day. My boyfriend at the time said, “Have I got a surprise for you when you get in!” I psyched myself up for a night at the world’s most beautiful amphitheater with one of my favorite musicians. We hopped in the car and my mind immediately panicked because we were going the wrong direction. We then pulled into Red Lobster where a group of my friends were waiting for me to enjoy Lobsterfest! Don’t get me wrong, a night at the Lobster with a group of friends, boat loads of melted butter, plastic bibs and those goofy drinks that they serve is an evening to treasure. But I couldn’t help thinking I was missing the first tour he had been on since 1995… It’s the thought that counts, and this gesture would have gone over with flying colors in any other instance, but note to anyone that may date me in the future: study Tom’s schedule.

Tonight, we’ll be in Cleveland, so I expect some stellar people watching. Plus I am all growns up now, so I expect to be sober enough to appreciate my surroundings. Will turn on the mobile blogging switch and have the flip cam in tow!