I can’t help it. It’s like a car wreck or a giant mole, I just can’t look away. The danger of working from home is that I am now becoming intimately familiar with daytime television, and quickly realizing that there is a definite need for a new talk show that targets smart/witty people who happen to work from home or have the luxury of a flexible schedule. I mean, I am entertained as much as the next person by Kathy Lee’s drunken behavior and Kelly Ripa’s sinewy arms. But holy Lord are they all stupid. I don’t really think they are stupid, they are just catering to what networks believe are the general viewing public on a weekday morning. That was likely the case 10 years ago, but these days, not all the smart people go to work at an office from 9-5.

I just watched Dr. Oz break out some more clown props. This time it was giant thermo gloves to explain how frostbite works. Yep. It’s June. This is a very timely segment. He chose a woman from the crowd to help with the demonstration. She about broke the stage jumping up and down in excitement like the next contestant on the Price is Right. Except there is no opportunity here to come on down and win a dining room set, spin the big wheel or go to the showcase showdown. All she gets to do is get on stage with the Doc and make an ass of herself. She briefly donned the clown thermo gloves and manhandled some dry ice. Then, she also got to be timed to goofy music while dressing a mannequin for winter from a pile of hats, gloves and scarves. Lame.

They then moved to the Q&A portion of the show and a woman in the audience asked Dr. Oz why her eyelashes were falling out. Hello? It’s called the Internet. Google “thinning eyelashes” and go with the most frequent answer. Don’t go on national television to get the answer from clown doctor.

I’m proposing a new daytime show that makes us feel smarter, and cooler, and funnier and more appropriately entertained. Stop treating people like they are morons. We’ll make fun of people with a humor that may fly over the heads of the target audience of The People’s Court, but it’ll provide a channel that keeps the stay at home smarties from getting dumber. Oh, and there will be people on it that are under 40 (yes, I know Elisabeth Hasselbeck is only 33, but do not even get me started on The View here). I’ll let you know how I get on with the networks. Feel free to email me with suggestions.