I’ve got a few things to say, post brief trip to the ruphie bar.

I’ve just been reminded that I need to cancel the subscription to match.com. HP and I each signed up for a site. Me, Match. HP, eHarmony. Hilarity ensued. I went on three really horrendous dates that will likely be detailed here at some point. That said, CrazyPoppa67 just winked at me.  Now that, my friends, is not cool. But it did remind me to put the storm shutters up on that whole party. And I am pretty sure that stupid subscription is automatically draining beer money from my account each month. Also not cool.

Anyway, without mi madre, the folks at the Italian/Lemoncello/Ruphie bar sure paid me a whole lot of attention. It was strange, I was eating my salad and had to hear the guy in the kitchen singing “If you don’t know me by now” by Simply Red, over and over and over. He just kept restarting it. I am not sure if this was how he was practicing English or what… but it brought me WAY back to a far off memory that I didn’t even know was still filed away in that there brain cabinet.

Cut to 1988. I’m at the junior high dance. I’ve been set up with a cute guy (and by set up I mean my friends said you are going to slow dance with this dude at 8pm). Slow dance we did. To Simply Red. It was the Debbie Gibson era, so I believe I might have been wearing a hat with pins on it. After the lovely ballad was over, we agreed to meet again for the next slow song. We would meet at the top of the basketball key (after all,  junior high dances are held in the gymnasium). For some reason or another, I did not meet him at the top of the key. I guess I was a heart breaker back then. Actually, it was probably due to some junior high emergency, like one of my friends’ got their first period or something. Regardless, I left what’s his name (Alyssa, help me out here), standing alone at the top of the key amidst a sea of couples awkwardly rocking back and forth with their hands on each others’ shoulders/hips. I did end up seeing this guy many years later and he scolded me for leaving him alone at the top of the key. I still feel kind of bad. I suppose its about time to release my demons and forgive myself for such poor treatment of an admirer. Who knows how things might have been, if I had only gone to the foul line…