I am sad. I put my mom on a shuttle to Cancun airport this morning. We had a lot of fun taking Playa by storm. I’ll now be spending the next three days in solitude awaiting the arrival of the Colorado crew on Saturday.

I’m out of food, so I will have to go to the Mega again. Trying to explain where I live to the cab driver won’t be as fun without Mom and Michelle standing by.

I’m craving crepes from The Monkey Cave. I mean I really think I might actually die if I don’t ingest them soon, but chatting with Joyce won’t be the same without Mom asking me what I said and Michelle laughing at the fact that I just make up Spanish words and pretend I am fluent.

There is no one here for me to complain to about my leopard spot sunburn. I’m just slathering on yogurt and vinegar in hopes that I will not resemble my leather couch when I get home. I’ll tell you what, this burn is pretty much worth the perfect afternoon Mom and I had at the beach yesterday. We were going to go claim some chairs from a local hotel and pay a cabbana boy to bring us frozen drinks, but then I had the bright idea to get reacquainted with one of the most useful kitchen appliances, the blender. All we had were the leftover ingredients for White Russians, so we made a pitcher and planted ourselves on the beach with it for a few hours. That nice breeze sure does a good job masking the fact that you are essentially cooking your own hide.

Its really gross when you think about it. I literally cooked myself… That’s what tanning beds are. Body ovens. I always comment on how gross it is when I see tan people, but for some reason, you get down here and it becomes an obsession. Must… get… tan…

Mom, cooking.

At least I have the Peep Meet to look forward to this evening. I learned about this last night from Karen of The Dirty Martini while Mom and I had a farewell cucumber martini… or two. As far as I can gather, a Peep Meet is kinda like a Tweet Up, but it’s for Playa Del Carmen enthusiasts who call themselves Peeps and talk on the Playa.info forum instead of in the Twittersphere. Anyway, apparently there is going to be a Peep Meet at Karen’s bar tonight. She said I could come sit at the bar, like a local, and give angry looks at the American tourists. Hey, I think I’m tan enough to pull it off. Sounds kind of fun.