This might well be the most ridiculous hour of television I have ever seen. I am now dumber for having watched it. And he’s a doctor. It’s like a childrens’ show, but its for adults that sit around all day. It has sound effects. And they talk to each other like they are 4 year olds. My niece would even think this is dumb. I mean, he just demonstrated how to pull out a tick… with giant clown scissors and a giant clown model tick and let us not forget the giant clown band-aid. I was waiting for him to pull out a giant clown match to smoke the tick out of the giant clown arm, but noooooo, that would have made things interesting. He also said that showering wards off tick problems (Jason, I’m worried about you, stay out of wooded areas).

It’s been since college that I got to watch daytime television. And, let’s be honest, in college I was either fading in and out of sleeping off a hangover or too messed up to realize that the shows were making me stupid. Or have these shows just gotten that much worse in 12 years? Its like that Mike Judge movie, Idiocracy. Sorry Mike, terrible movie, but it proves your point. What are we going to do about this?