This is how it went down:

  • Up at 7:30am (wha?)
  • Coffee pot incident of 2010 (no I won’t explain. If you must know, ask mom)
  • Strolling down 4 miles of beach by 9am
  • Buying trinkets and matching piranha shirts for the Bodie family at 10am
  • Back at our favorite bar by 11am. It’s just impossible to resist swing bars (and by swing bars I mean bars with swings for stools, not bars where you do everybody), why has this not caught on in the US?  As mom put it, whilst channeling dad (and Jimmy Buffet), “it’s 5 o’clock somewhere.”
  • More shopping.
  • We were starving and were heading back to the Monkey cave when mi hermana wanted to check out this wee bar called the Ojo Rojo, hoping they would have a t-shirt with the catchy bar name on it. No shirts, but I had to wee so bad when we got to the wee bar that we felt obligated to buy beers for the use of el banos.
  • Back on track to Cuevo del Chango. Yes, 3rd day in a row. They are starting to know me there.
  • Ma and hermana took a siesta, while I spent some time at the beach.
  • Went for a swim around the ocean.
  • Did a few push-ups to ward off atrophy, changed and cleaned up for the evening, then walked back on down to 5th street.
  • We ate at a Lebanese place, which was new for me, but very tasty. Michelle was not lying about the garlic sticking with you though. I am sure we three were knocking out our new friends at the bar later.
  • We left there in quite a hurry when we found ourselves in an instantaneous swarm of hungry mosquitos. I’m sure it was comical to see the three of us all of a sudden behaving like we stepped on a beehive.
  • Finally, we ended up at Badboys beach bar where we came face to face with the infamous Karen and friends of “The Dirty Martini.”
  • They served mom a schooner of vodka with a splash o tonic. We waited all night for the wheels to fall off, but she has built up quite a tolerance in Sun City.

Karen and Fritz

  • We shook our asses to “The Nasty Bastards” for a bit. Chatted up some friends, then set off for the trek back to Natz Ti Ha, but not before stopping for some Starbucks to put us to sleep (??).


  • I know it looks like mom is drinking an iced coffee through a trach, but I assure you it is an unintended photographic illusion.
  • Back home as most people are just heading out for the evening. That’s how I roll.
  • Michelle had to leave this morning to get back to her hijos. I have post vacation depression for her, or PPCD (Post Playa del Carmen Depression). I might spiral into a deep dark place when its time for me to leave…
  • For now? I’ll enjoy it while it lasts!