Can’t… get… to… my… VODKA…

Day 1 in Playa Del Carmen. I think this is actually the first time just the three Cadmus ladies (me, my sis and mom) ever took a trip alone. We’re all pleasers, so sometimes we are an indecisive lot, but we’ve done well so far. And somehow we have been fortunate enough to be staying in the most amazing place I could have ever imagined (thanks Kate!)

This morning we all got up at an unreasonably early hour for vacation. Mom and Michelle walked the beach. I cranked out some work items before they returned for feeding time.

We ate breakfast at the same place we had lunch yesterday. Because it’s awesome and it feels like you are in a rain forest, but in a cool way, not in a Rain Forest Cafe way with fake elephants and shit. Michelle is the only one that can ever remember the name, but I know it means the “Cave of the Monkey.” Breakfast may very well have been the best breakfast I have EVER had (sorry Maudies of Davenport Village. You still take the migas cake). I introduced myself to the people there because I am pretty sure I’ll be there daily for the next 13 days, as it is across the street from my temporary home.

Chicken Crepes at the Monkey Cave

Next, we spent the better part of the morning at the pool. Convenient for me is that the internet connection was actually faster poolside, so I worked down there, shifting laptop to various locations so as not to have a notebook tan.

Then it was Mega time. It’s a Mexican Walmart. It rules. We walked there in almost unbearable heat, but stopped off for a cold bottle of wine and an amazing lite Italian lunch to replenish our energy for the shopping ahead. At Mega, we stocked up for the week with various food and liquor items. Mom was excited to make white Russians. Thank God we ran into our friendly neighbor as we were trying to tell the taxi driver where to take us and our 2 boxes of groceries. Funny, I swear the neighbor said the exact same thing as I did, but for some reason the driver understood him and all I got was a blank stare. Must work on accent and tan.

The vodka bottle had a weird plastic plug like top in it. I think it was made for a bar or something, but never come between a Cadmus lady and her vodka. Mom found a knife and took care of business.

Mom vs Vodka

Mom versus Vodka

Now? We’re all in various positions that make us happy. Mom, reading in the hammock. Michelle, reading on the couch. Me, sitting in front of the computer with my earphones. We’re going to cook up some shrimp then wander down the beach later in search of a friend of a friend’s martini bar. Right now, I have to hide the way too lifelike iguana that is on the wall of the living room. It freaks me out every time I catch it in my peripheral vision.