If anyone tries to tell you there are no misquitoes in Mexico, do not believe them for a second. I am covered from head to toe. That’s what I get for drinking half a glass of wine in the hammock. Do bug bites tan? Hell, it was totally serene and, I think, maybe worth it.

We found the friend of a friend’s martini bar. It’s called “The Dirty Martini” and it might very well be the cutest damn bar I have ever seen. They play great music too. I was wary, thinking it was going to be a “club” but it is a super chill little place that fits maybe 20 people… standing. My kind of bar. Pretty sure that’s another location that I may see a great deal of over the next few weeks…

The shrimp came out fabuloso. We had to share a community dishrag to wipe the melted butter off our chins because we forgot paper towels at the Mega… but if that is the only issue on this trip (along with 47 bug bites), then this is a record low of unfortunate incidences for Calamity Jen on a trip (pun still intended).