So it was about mid-February when I determined that I would spend the better part of May in a condo down in Playa Del Carmen. I did the calculations in my head and determined I could easily be 15 lbs slimmer and bikini-ready in 3 months time. I called my trainer and set out to watch the love handles melt away.

Over the course of the last 60 days, my trainer has watched in astonishment as my beer gut has expanded, despite her determination to to kick my ass several times a week. Apparently, starting your own business means lots o’ networking events, which equates to lots o’ booze and bar food.

I also think that somewhere deep down my subconcious was saying, “Who are we kidding? The revealing of yourself in a bikini lasts for all of 3 minutes on the beach each day before you deem it too damn hot and paddle over to diguise said beer belly under a swim up bar holding up a Michelada.” There was a point when my “training for Mexico” turned into training for what will really happen down there. I have existed the past 5 days solely on queso, beer and tequila. Mom will be so proud.

Mom actually just pointed out to me that we arrive in paradise the DAY AFTER Cinco De Mayo. Are you serious? What kind of piss poor travel planner (me) makes that rookie mistake? We are missing the biggest party in Mexico by 12 hours. Oh well. Three Cadmus ladies in Mexico. I’m sure we’ll find some fun to get into, even on Mexico’s most hungover day of the year…