One post. That’s all that you get 2009. You chewed us up, spit us out and we are piecing ourselves back together again hoping our souls have regenerative capabilities so we can feel whole again. I didn’t really post this year. Ever. Beyond brief moments of 140 character epiphanies (or drunken nuggets of clarity), 2009 left me, well, uninspired.

I can’t point to any one thing. There were a few painful significant events (the passing of our family matriarch), and a bunch of smaller items (my fantasy team won one game) that all just added up to … blah.

Don’t get me wrong, the year wasn’t a complete failure. I traveled to some amazing places. I experienced great success at work. I have great family. Great friends. There were many shiny moments, but none of them were redeeming enough to elevate 2009 to be polished for the mantel to sit next to 1996 or 2003. I will box this one up and store it away in the crawl space to float away the next time our basement floods.

I suppose this sense of melancholy can be attributed to the macro environment and general mood of the human race this year. But regardless, I am hereby moving on.

Where’s the box tape and the packing peanuts? I’ve got a New Year to celebrate.