Obviously I have a thing for goats. It all started on a trip to Jamaica in college. Our hotel had a mascot named Rasta Man Villa. He was a goat with dreadlocks in his beard. I spent several sunny days walking the shy little guy up and down the beach and sharing red stripe.
Immediately I returned to my college roommates (there were 7 of them) to hold a vote on whether we would adopt a pet goat. Goat lost out 4/3 but ever since I’ve had this strange bond with the goofy creatures.

Cut to 14 years later. I move to Texas and wouldn’t ya know it, there are goat farms everywhere if you venture outside the city a ways. As if that wasn’t enough, most of these goat farms have miniature donkeys to protect the goat herds from coyotes. I find these animals cute, pleasantly bitter and HI-larious all at the same time.
I had a dream fulfilled and got to visit one such farm with some friends this weekend. This may be sad, but it could very well have been the highlight of my 2009 (sorry bad date #7).
How can you not love a bearded goat and a wee donkey???


Jimmy (Wee Donkey)