5pm Tuesday:
Mr. Tributary says, “Are you missing the rock and roll lifestyle yet?”
I say, “Boooo work”
Mr. Tributary says, “Partying good. Work bad”

So I just spent 5 days partying balls (hence the lack of any decipherable posts). A friend came in town, I took Thursday and Monday off as buffer days and we spent the three days in the middle partaking in activities that are usually reserved for rock stars and super models. The funny part is, I came back to work today guilt ridden and quite sure I had screwed up somewhere along the way, and they gave me a raise! Could it be true? Partying = raise. I will have to test the theory a few more times.

Anyway, you are probably wondering where this Mr. Tributary comes from. Basically, we refer to all the men in my life that have any chance at becoming romantically involved with me as being in my “pipeline”. Sometimes the pipeline is full, sometimes it is excruciatingly empty. Men are in the pipeline in a certain order and they leave the pipeline in a certain order. Some push others out. You get the point. Hell, I’m in Texas, people understand analogies that refer to the oil and gas industry.

Then there are guys that are just friends and acquaintances. They help feed the pipeline, but never actually find themselves part of the pipeline. They are tributaries. Mr. T is our most significant feeder pipe. Anywho, he is a great friend, that I may have slipped up and given a view of the pipeline once, but he continues to just be a good supporter.

We ALL took part in the weekend festivities, as ACL festival was last weekend. We had a huge crew with a very interesting dynamic. My job was to procure a flagpole to hang something distinguishable from so all our friends could find us during the fest. I did in fact acquire a 21 foot “WonderPole” (Yes, that is the true brand name) that worked swimmingly for our crew. Its quite fun watching what people hang from their poles. My favorite this year was a guy who just tore down a giant tree branch and hung some garbage from it that he likely found in the nearest dumpster. Good stuff.

I’ll write more when the fog has lifted, I have cleared the dust off my brain, vital organs are functioning again, and I can actually pee more than once a day. For now, I must go back to recovery mode. (ie eating nachos and drinking a beer on the couch. You can’t just bounce back and quit poisoning your body cold turkey. You need to taper off of weekends like this or the DTs set in…)

BTW. The pipeline is currently excruciatingly empty.