#1 rule in HP’s bible.
“If you chase something, it will run away”
So true, yet so completely and utterly ignored by too many people today.

HP and I have been practicing our unavailability to make ourselves more irresistible and…hot dog! it works!… to some extent. It may temporarily make a guy wonder where you have gone, and even drive him to reach out to you, but ultimately a prick is a prick, and if they didn’t want you yesterday, they most likely don’t want you today. And we all know too damn well, if they do decide they like you, you will inevitably not be interested anymore.

HP shut off communicado to a gentleman we will call The Arse. She has been chasing him for months but he continues to stay just barely out of reach. Her absence drove him to call her multiple times over the weekend, asking her to join him in various activities. Once she finally called back and told him she would join him and some pals for dinner, he predictably blew her off. How? When she sent a message asking what time dinner would be, he texted her “No dice babe. Will call you in a few.” WTF??? No Dice?? A prick is a prick.

To this I say to follow my brother-in-law’s advice and ask yourself “What would Rambo Say?”
The answer? “Fuck em”

All my own communication halting activity did was force uncomfortable messages from a man I labeled as gay quite some time ago that I am in no way attracted to anymore. He continues to force odd attempts at flirtation in an obvious intent to employ me as his beard.

So where is the balance I ask? How do we show we are interested yet not come on like a child eating peacock? How do you avoid playing hard to get turning into hard to get rid of?

BTW, the weekend was a success. Baby in the closet? Totally approved in the parent rulebook. Had a fantastic time with my sister. We met a potential suitor for me that she is already planning the wedding for, but surely I will give him the peacock treatment. I’ll wait for things to unfold before I share the deets.