So HP is now on page 136 of the “Why Men Love Bitches” Bible. I havent gotten many specific words of wisdom yet but I am sure they will trickle in. Right now she has gotten distracted by who is providing us the rules of online social etiquette.

HP Says:

–Wait for a couple LOL’s before asking him/her out in IM.
–Scientists have proven that 5 LOL’s and a couple :-)’s
–indicate the time is ripe for dating related activities.”

–couple :-)s?? how many :)s does that equate to?
–what about LMAOs?
–ROFL. ”

Interesting, if these rules do, in fact, apply, then I have once again strayed from the norm with eLove. Why can’t I ever be part of the right statistic?

I am at home anxiously awaiting the arrival of my sister, her husband and my 19 month old beautiful niece. While she is my very best friend, I almost feel nervous. I moved here a year ago and absolutely love the city I am in, but will she approve? It will be interesting to see the dynamic with the four of us squeezed in my 700 square foot 1 bedroom apt. Oh, I have a 100lb Weimaraner too.

I bought some plastic number magenets for the fridge and some bathtub toys. Hopefully that breaks the ice with my brother in law. Wonder if my niece likes beer… And I wonder if she will mind Cdub making drunken donkey noises in the parking lot at 5am…